Kingdom BootCamp – Study Guide

This study guide explores the foundations of supernatural ministry, including:
  • What is the “kingdom of God”?
  • Identity & Intimacy
  • The Authority of the Believer
  • Theology of the Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Basics of Healing, Prophecy, and Deliverance

HARP & BOWL INTENSIVE – study guide

‘Harp & Bowl’ is a model of prayer ministry that incorprates music, prayer and the Word.  This model is a key part of the prayer culture at King’s Church, and serves as an essential foundation for those wanting to serve in the Prayer Room.   The Harp and Bowl intensive is a four-week course.

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About Unbridled

Unbridled is a prayer + worship community that contends for awakening in the Bluegrass State.  The Unbridled initiatives include a night-and-day prayer room, monthly nights of worship, and training programs designed to equip a new generation for Kingdom ministry.

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